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Apricot is a warm undertone of orange. With some other breeds, this sort of orange hue is referred to as fawn (like with Boxers) or as orange (like with Pomeranians). But, with Pugs, this is a nice, shiny orange hue that is set apart from the more common fawn coat. It is very common for apricot Pugs to not be fully apricot; there may be some fawn or even an almost white color found in patches, most often on the chest. This is a color that is not seen too often; as mentioned earlier in ‘The Most Common Pug Color’, out of 2,693 Pugs, only 4% identified their Pugs as being apricot or apricot-fawn. Though, just like silver or silver fawn, this is also a color that may be present in the coat, but owners refer to their Pugs as simply ‘fawn’, especially if that is what the registration papers deem the Pug to be. And, just like other non-standard AKC colors, an apricot Pug may be registered as a fawn or as an apricot if the owner requests for this alternate coloring to appear on the document. Both the FCI and KC do allow apricot as a standard color. With the CKC, apricot is not its own color, but rather their definition of fawn includes all shades in the fawn family including light to deep apricot.
Apricot Pugs have black masks and black ears. And, just like all non-black Pugs, a trace and a thumbprint are desired in the show ring of all well-recognized kennel clubs.


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